Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Shrek Review & Our Zoo Reminder!

As you can see Faye looks absolutely incredible in the wedding dress she wears in the penultimate scene of the show!! She is going to make the most stunningly beautiful bride someday!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be going away later today for an eight day break in Cornwall, so I wont be able to upload YouTube videos of episodes three and four Our Zoo or update the blog until I get back.

However, I have set the Sky+ to record so hopefully you can look forward to more of Faye's highlights when I return.

Don't forget Our Zoo is on Wednesday nights at 9pm on BBC1 and Faye's character 'Frankie' is now in every episode. Make sure you tune for your chance to see this remarkable actress from the comfort of your own home.

Before I depart I thought I'd leave you with another glowing review of the fantastic Shrek tour I found online from someone who went to see the show in Nottingham.

Nottingham Theatre Royal

Shrek is a musical with music by Jeanine Tesori and book and lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire. It is based on the 2001 film Shrek and William Steig's 1990 book Shrek!.

Imagine the best bits of all of the best pantos you've been to and that will come close to seeing Shrek. It is bright, colourful, fun and very camp...and I loved it.

The story begins with Shrek telling the audience of his childhood, and how, on his seventh birthday, his parents send him out of their house and into the world to make his living. They warn him that because of his looks, everyone will hate him, and he will not have a happy ending.After saving Princess Fiona from the dragon who had kept her locked in her tower, he delivers her to Lord Farquaad so that he can marry the Princess and become King of Duloc, just so that Shrek can get his marshy home back.On his way he meets many fairytale creatures and of course Donkey who becomes his best mate.

Shrek is an amazingly entertaining musical for just about everyone from 5 to 105, and as in all of the best family shows there is comedy that works on all levels, Most of the "over the heads of kids" lines were delivered by Lord Farquaad, played by Gerard Carey who surely must have one of the hardest jobs combining singing, dancing and acting but on his knees for the majority of the time. but boy is the effect well executed.

Our green hero, Shrek, is played by Dean Chisnall and I shudder to think how long Dean is in make up before the show, and under those lights I imagine there is a lot of sweat shed and pounds lost.

Faye Brooks is Princess Fiona and what a great stage persona she has, instantly likeable, the kind of Princess who doesn't mind having a laugh and a joke with the boys. Proving that she can be a token lad as well in the scene where she and Shrek vie to who has had the hardest childhood.

And then there is Donkey. In the film voiced by Eddie Murphy, and here is camped and ramped up to 10 by Idriss Kargbo.

One of my favourite highlights of the show, and there are many, is the scene with the dragon. Brought to life at the hands of four puppeteers and done so well that you forget that they were there controlling it's every move, and you really believed that this dragon on stage, and it did fill the Theatre Royal stage, was alive.

Technically this could be the best thing I have seen with characters appearing and disappearing seemingly into thin air. Some amazing lighting effects and a very tight twelve piece orchestra, so good that I actually thought the music from the speakers was pre recorded but no way. All credit to the musical direction of Mr Dave Rose.

Music wise this show is almost back to back songs with twenty songs in two and a half hours.150 minutes that seemed more like 15.

The choreography was absolutely spot on. You can tell that this has come from the West End stage, I can't pinpoint it but there is just something about the whole Shrek package that oozes uber professionalism. Take your kids along, take your grandparents along or just go along yourself for an evening (or afternoon) of great fun.

Monday, 15 September 2014

CelebrityRadio.Biz Shrek Review

Listen to this great YouTube audio recording Shrek review by CelebrityRadio.Biz

Obviously he's another big fan of this excellent show and of course he understandibly loves Faye's performance as Princess Fiona.

"Chisnalls Shrek and Faye Brookes Princess Fiona are magical. Gorgeous chemistry, with just the right amount of prickliness and compassion on both sides. Like Chisnall Brookes was born to be on the stage, masterfully combining the complicated singing, dancing, acting and script of this whopping production."

Sunday, 14 September 2014

When Words Fail, Faye Understands

Yesterday I made my 4th trip to the swamp to see the incredible Shrek tour. This time my destination was the Theatre Royal in Nottingham.

It was a last minute booking I decided on after missing out on seeing Faye in one of my scheduled shows in Bristol when she was unfortunately unable to perform due to a hip injury.

It worked out quite well because I was already heading in that general direction as I had tickets to see Bristol Rovers match at Lincoln.

So I was very much a Morning Person yesterday, getting up at 6am to make sure I was on the road by 8am. It's about 200 miles from my house to Lincoln so after a stop for lunch and a few minor hold ups I eventually arrived at the ground at 2pm; an hour before kick off.

Rovers remarkably pulled off a great win with a last minute goal so I set off for Nottingham at 5pm already in good spirits.

It's a little over 40 miles from Lincoln to Nottingham and the journey took just over an hour but by the time I'd found somewhere to park about a mile from the theatre, there was only half an hour before the show. I stepped it out and got there with 10 minutes to spare.

My seat on this occasion was 3 rows from the front, which I'd normally say is a little too close but it did enable me to pick up every facial expression and nobody gives a better expressive performance than Faye. Simply sensational.

There are very few shows you could happily go back and watch every day but the Shrek tour is one of them. Every time I see it, I'm counting the days until my next visit. This time that happens to be in 2 weeks, Sunday 28th September.

The audience - which I should point out appeared to be 90% adult - were in stitches from start to finish and couldn't wait to get on their feet to give a well deserved standing ovation at the end.

I would travel pretty much anywhere to see Faye perform because to me she really is perfect, in a league of her own. However, the Shrek tour have managed to put together a superb cast and they all play a part in making this such a great show.

As usual after the show I headed round to the stage door to wait for my idol to appear.

She soon came out looking as stunningly beautiful as ever and although I'm practically speechless in her presence we actually chatted for a good 10 minutes.

Obviously I told her how much I enjoyed the show and she said that she's now completely over the injury she'd had the previous week and was back in tip top shape. That was a great relief to me because Faye's health and happiness is always my main concern.

We spoke a bit about Amsterdam where she enjoyed a lovely 3 days away last week. It was somewhere she had always wanted to go and Gareth managed to arrange it as a wonderful surprise for her Birthday.

I honestly believe Faye and Gareth are for keeps. They really do seem like the perfect match and it's obvious they are very much in love. They do both have very busy schedules but they've found a way to make it work and after today's show Faye will be heading off to join him at their new house in London as she has a couple of days off.

Last week in Bristol I gave her two of the three presents I'd got for her Birthday. She said she loved the bracelet, which I was really delighted about because I was a little unsure it was Faye's style when I brought it. She hadn't had chance to try the Dragon Phoenix tea yet but Gareth has taken it down to their new London home so maybe she'll get the opportunity to enjoy a brew this week.

Last night also gave me the opportunity to give her the other Birthday gift which I didn't take to the theatre last week, a bottle of Prosecco. She said she would have loved to drink it that very night but unfortunately she had to be up with the birds on Sunday. The cast had to be at the theatre by 9am today for the 11am matinee so she thought it best to keep it for another time. Probably wise :)

Last time I was up this early doing a show with ... WOW.

I told her how amazing it was to see her on TV in Our Zoo and that I can't wait to see more of her character 'Frankie' in the remaining episodes. She confirmed her part grows with the story and that there are some great scenes to look forward to. There could also be some exciting news coming soon regarding series 2, so watch this space.

Faye would like to do more TV work in the future and clearly has the talent to do so. Hopefully Our Zoo might open a few doors for her.

Obviously I'm so very proud of Faye and love seeing her on TV but I can't help being a little sad that at some point I probably wont be able to see her perform live. She really does sparkle on stage, it's like she was born to be there. I think what I'd be most upset about is not having the opportunity to meet her in person at the stage door. Maybe when the time comes she would be kind enough to meet me for a quick chat somewhere near where she was working. I'd be happy to travel any distance to spend 10 minutes in her company.

We talked about a few other things but I'm afraid they are not for public knowledge and I'd never break Faye's confidence. I'm just pleased she knows she can trust me with personal information.

By the time I got back to my car, sent Faye a thank you tweet and travelled the 175 miles back to my home in Bristol it was 2:30am. A 20 hour day and over 400 miles travelled but it was more than worth it.

I sometimes dread to think how I come across to Faye when we meet. I get so nervous. A little unorthodox but this time I had actually written down a few notes because I normally end up forgetting everything I'd planned on asking her as soon as she comes out the stage door. I'm sure I still appeared very anxious but it did at least mean the only thing I forgot was to get a picture.

Despite this, she was as adorable as ever and 'When Words Fail, Faye Understands'.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Our Zoo, Episode 2 - Faye's Highlights

If you follow the blog you'll already know that tonight was the second episode of 'Our Zoo' and the first time we got to see Faye's character Frankie.

She looked positively regal dressed in her 1930's attire and seamlessly makes the transition from stage to screen.

Such a beautiful and talented actress.

Our Zoo, Episode 2 - Reminder

Faye's character 'Frankie' makes her first appearance tonight, so make sure you tune in to BBC1 at 9pm this evening for the second episode of the brilliant new period drama Our Zoo.

As I mentioned before, her part in the show grows with the story and we can look forward to seeing her character Frankie in all the remaining episodes of this series.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Birthday Break in Amsterdam!

As you can see from the gorgeous picture above, Gareth has whisked Faye away for a lovely belated Birthday getaway in Amsterdam.

Best Birthday Bash with Buster! #512...

They have such hectic schedules so hopefully they're both enjoying a well earned break. It certainly looks like they're having a wonderful time.

Bristol Loves Shreks Special Princess!

I'd like to thank Faye and the wonderful Shrek tour for making Bristol the Big, Bright, Beautiful place to be for the past 3 weeks. You will be missed.

Nottingham, you're in for a treat. Be prepared to be amazed.

Her are a few snippets from reviews by critics and theatregoers who saw the show at the Hippodrome. As you can see, there is universal aclaim for the supremely talented Princess Fiona:

Faye Brookes proves a versatile female lead as Princess Fiona encompassing comedy, dance and flair in one fell swoop.

Brookes plays a feisty young lady who is opinionated yet a little peculiar as she befriends (and dances with) rats, isn’t afraid of Shrek and runs off to sleep at sunset. She is reminiscent of Disney princesses and her vocals are strong.

I personally never wanted to see it in London because I never really liked who was cast as Fiona, but Faye Brookes was superb and with the right casting the show is fantastic.

Faye Brookes is my hero in this show though. I find her absolutely hilarious as the endearingly bonkers ‘bi-polar’, warts and all damsel in distress ‘Princess Fiona’. 

Princess Fiona, played by Faye Brookes, is equally as gifted when it comes to her acting and vocal talents.

Princess Fiona Is brought to life with real verve by Faye Brookes.

the cast were generally on first class form as well, with Dean Chisnall nicely capturing the lovable nature of the central character's giant ogre and Faye Brookes' perfect portrayal of Princess Fiona's dual-sided pretty princess/rebellious ladette character.

The entire cast are superb but for me the stand out performance was by Faye Brookes as Princess Fiona.

Monday, 8 September 2014

My 3rd Trip to the Swamp!

Sunday should have actually been my 4th trip to see Shrek. I had tickets for the previous weekend but unfornately Faye injured her hip flexor and was out of the show for a few days.

I was obviously disappointed and I couldn't face seeing someone else play Fiona - it would be like going to a Taylor Swift concert and getting a tribute act instead - so I decided not to go.

Although I'm sure the stand in is great, Faye is simply irreplaceable.

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for Faye. It was the last Shrek performance in Bristol meaning the cast had to pack up their lives ready to move on to the next venue. On top of that both Dean Chisnall (Shrek) and Gerald Carey (Lord Farquaad) were unable to perform so they had extra rehearsals to ensure the stand in's were ready to step in.

Luckily Faye is a genuinely nice and caring person so despite her hectic schedule she was kind enough to agree to meet me before the show for a quick catch up.

I was quite concerned about her injury so it was great to see her looking so fit and well. She said there is still some discomfort but it was an awful lot better than it had been earlier in the week. Apparently the Shrek tour has it's own physios, so many thanks to them for helping our Princess make a speedy recovery.

Although they ended up being a few days late, I was finally able to give Faye her birthday card and presents. She thinks I spoil her but nothing could repay her for the joy I get watching her sparkle on stage. She also regularly converses with me via email and twitter which I appreciate SO much.

I was able to tell her that I'll be returning to the swamp next week. My football team Bristol Rovers are playing at Lincoln and I'd be travelling through Nottingham on the way home so it was too good an opportunity to miss. Hopefully I'll have another chance to chat with Faye after the show at the stage door.

The show just gets better every time I see it. The Shrek and Lord Farquaad understudies were great and I may not have even noticed Dean and Gerald were missing had Faye not told me beforehand.

I've probably seen Faye close on 30 times now, in 5 different shows, and every time I come away completely astounded by her talent. Yesterday was no different.

Her acting during 'I think I got you Beat' is absolutely FANTASTIC and that scene is probably my favourite part of the show. I love 'Morning Person' too and yesterday was the first time I noticed her cross eyed moment, SO funny.

Faye is just an all round superstar and I would encourage everyone to see her in this great show while you've got the chance.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

'Our Zoo' is Shamefully Watchable!

In the build up to Faye's first appearance in 'Our Zoo' next week I thought I'd feature another glowing review of this fantastic new period drama.

This one was written by Rebecca Nicholson for 'The Gaurdian' and she describes 'Our Zoo' as Shamefully Watchable:

Our Zoo Review

Our Zoo (BBC1) arrived with an air of early Sunday evenings: a new six-part drama on BBC1, set in 1930, about George Mottershead, a plucky man who loves animals and adventure, and so decides to set up a zoo. Will he triumph, against the odds? Well, yes, because it's "based on a true story", and – spoiler alert! – that zoo became Chester zoo, which is currently open and thriving, and offering visitors a truly "ANIMAZING day out".

The televised story of its genesis is a bit grimey, like Call the Midwife, and it's northern, like The Village and The Mill, in the sense that its actors settle on accents located in a generic North, somewhere between Durham, Leeds and Manchester. It's got posh people and it's got poor people, like Downton Abbey. It's shot with the same sepia-ish hue that afflicts photographs on the covers of heartstring-tugging airport novels with titles like Please Daddy Come Home. It's Sunday telly through-and-through, and yet here it is, piggybacking on the Great British Bake Off in the middle of the week, slightly out of step with its competitors (on Wednesday, Grand Designs and a documentary about the dark web). I wonder why it's here in this slot; I can't work out if it's being given a leg up, or has been put out to pasture already.

It's a shame if it's the latter, because Our Zoo is better than it sounds. Lee Ingleby, an actor with a contrary knack for bringing out watery-eyed steeliness in his roles (Inspector George Gently, The Street), plays Mottershead with kindness; his character is a fundamentally decent man, prone to PTSD following a near-catastrophic injury in the war. Early scenes in which his "shellshock" is triggered by a shootin' cowboy at the local circus hint that there is more depth than the show's initial cutesiness suggests. Mottershead leans against the gate of his backyard, stricken and weeping, as his baffled daughters run into the house, afraid. Although we had only just met these people, it was a surprisingly desolate and moving moment.

Then the animals appeared. Mottershead brings home a parrot and a monkey from the docks, because the dockmaster is about to chloroform the tiny simian into next week. He sets up a prototype zoo in the outside loo in the backyard, and sticks a bucket behind a curtain to accommodate the family's privy-based needs. On reflection, he decides he should sell the monkey to the circus, but the ringmaster suggests that an old camel may need to be put down, so instead, Mottershead brings the camel home to his little terraced house to join his nascent menagerie. He's possessed of a spontaneity that in real life would warrant immediate divorce, yet in the context of this programme, it is adorable and quirky and noble.

Anne Reid, as his long-suffering mother, is the only voice of dissent. She's set up as a cranky working-class version of the Dowager Countess, and says things like "Elephants? Yer off yer rocker!". But as the son has essentially ruined the family business by sticking a camel in the backyard, and then forced them to sell up to move to a crumbling house in an unwelcoming village, it's quite clear that she's the only one talking sense. To be sensible lacks heart, however, and Our Zoo has bucketloads of that.

"I can't make a decision based on sentiment," a stern bank manager tells Mottershead, as he applies for his loan to buy a crumbling mansion (naturally, he is turned down, then makes a rousing speech about bringing beauty into the world, causing the financier to do an about-turn so reckless he could have been a banker today). I felt his dilemma. Ostensibly, this is drama by the book. I have seen the sulky, runaway teenage daughter before. I've seen the aristocratic neighbour whose well-spoken charms set the action in motion. I've seen the weary yet loving wife, the quiet, supportive father, the caddish brother-in-law, the kindly vicar, the unfriendly new neighbours. Yet despite being well aware that I was manipulated at every turn, I made a decision based on sentiment, and found myself rooting for George's idealism, and scoffing at his cynical mother, and hoping they wouldn't shoot the monkey, even though he'd – gasp! – stolen some eggs. It wasn't quite animazing, and it wasn't quite mid-week, either, but it was almost shamefully watchable.

Friday, 5 September 2014

A Few of My Favourite 'Faye' Moments

I was recently thinking back over the many magical 'Faye' moments I've had since I first saw her perform at the Bristol Hippodrome back in July 2011.

I thought I'd try and list some of my favourites here on the blog. There have been far too many to include them all but here are a few in no particular order:

1 In August 2013 Faye was playing Liesl Von Trapp in 'The Sound of Music' at Regents Park open air theatre. I'd booked tickets in advance for a few days before her birthday but unfortunately she picked up a back injury and was unable to perform.

Having explained the situation to her via email she not only arranged a ticket for me to see the final show in mid September when she'd be back on stage but she also agreed to meet me at Euston Station for a chat.

I can't tell you how much that meant to me. We talked for 15-20 minutes and I was able to give her the earrings I'd got for her birthday. I really felt she appreciated my support and to meet somewhere other than a stage door for a change made me feel like a friend as well as a fan.

2 Having fallen in love with Sheridan Smith's Elle Woods in the West End production of Legally Blonde I was prepared to be slightly underwhelmed when I went to see the tour version for the first time at the Bristol Hippodrome in July 2011.

However, not only was the tour production every bit as slick as it's West End counterpart, Faye Brookes was the perfect Elle Woods in every way imaginable.  She was simply sensational from start to finish and although I'd never have believed it possible, even better than Smith. I was completely blown away.

So much so that I went back to see it 3 more times before it moved on to it's next destination and continued to follow it across the UK after that.

3 Although I'd seen the Legally Blonde tour numerous times at various different theatres it wasn't until July 2012 at Oxfords New Theatre that I finally plucked up the courage to say hello to Faye at the stage door.

I was so in awe of her talent that I was slightly lost for words and I remember thinking afterwards that she was even more beautiful as Faye than she was as Elle Woods.

She was so lovely and it was obvious that she was an equally special person off stage as she was on it. It was really at that point that I decided to put a lot of time into this blog and do everything I could to help promote her career.

4 When I travelled to Leeds in July this year I really didn't know what to expect from Shrek the Musical. I'd never seen it in London and like many people probably thought of it as a show mainly for children.

That's really not the case. It's a show for the entire family and one I intend to see many times before Faye leaves the swamp.

The production was fantastic and Faye absolutely shone as the slightly bi-polar princess.

I hadn't seen her in about 6 month's so it was lovely to catch up at the stage door and hear all about what she'd been doing since 'That Day We Sang' finished in January. However much I love seeing her perform, I think having the opportunity to speak to her in person means even more.

5 I hadn't been to a pantomime for about 15 years prior to seeing Sleeping Beauty in Canterbury and I certainly wouldn't have travelled 200 miles to do so had Faye not been in the cast.

However, had I not made the trip I would have missed out on a truly spectacular show and what I'm convinced must be one of the greatest panto's ever.

It was fantastic to see Faye in the slightly more relaxed atmosphere that accompanies panto's and clearly having lots of fun. As always she sparkled on stage and not just because of the stunning pink dress she wore in the show.

Afterwards I was able to chat with Faye and Gareth at the stage door and wish them a very merry Christmas before I made the long trip back to Bristol. Gareth also took my favourite picture of me and Faye which I've used at the top of this post.

Every time I see Faye perform is special and every time I meet her in person is a magical moment I'll treasure, so I could easily go on and on.

A lot of things change over time but one thing that will never change is my admiration and support for this supremely talented and truly remarkable young lady. You're one in a billion Faye.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Telegraph 'Our Zoo' Review

As I'm sure you're aware if you follow the blog, Faye's character 'Frankie' is first introduced in the second episode of 'Our Zoo' which will air next Wednesday 10th September at 9pm on BBC1.

However, I was still glued to my TV last night for the start of this fantastic new drama.

It's impossible not love 'Our Zoo'. It's boasts the perfect combination of an all star cast, intriguing true story and adorable animals. I can well imagine that demand for a pet camel has gone through the roof.

Special mention too for ten year old Honor Kneafsey who play June Mottershead. She is an absolute joy and a star of the future for sure.

Faye turned to acting fairly late so has had to work hard for her opportunities but there is no doubting her talent and hopefully being part of one of this years biggest shows will help open more doors for her in the future.

Below is a review written by Michael Hogan for 'The Telegraph':

Our Zoo, BBC1: 'looks and smells like a hit'

“Never work with animals or children,” went W C Fields’s hoary old showbiz adage. The adult actors in new period drama Our Zoo (BBC One) were burdened with both. The kid had a cutely characterful face, with 10-year-old actress Honor Kneafsey narrating this toasty-warm true story of how an ordinary family established Chester Zoo in the 1930s, but the beasts were the real scene stealers. A squawking Australian parrot’s bright plumage brought a dash of colour to Crewe’s slate-grey cobbled streets; a hairy Bactrian camel looked languidly amused by us humans; and a cheeky Colombian squirrel monkey escaped and ate its way through a screaming lady’s larder. William Claude Dukenfield didn’t know what he was missing.

Actor Lee Ingleby is best known as DS John Bacchus in Sixties police drama Inspector George Gently. Ingleby must have a “period” face (pale, sensitive, a bit beaky) because here he was cast in another retro role. George Mottershead was an ex-servicemen still haunted by memories of the First World War, frustrated that his family have to live and work with his parents in their cramped corner shop.

Until, that is, animal-loving George made a delivery to the local docks and rescued two unwanted beasts about to be put down in the quarantine bay. He whisked them home in his grocer’s van, kept them in the shop’s backyard, charged neighbours to come and gawp, and began to dream big. Could he buy a crumbling stately homeand build the first British zoo without bars? Of course he could. However, it will take him at least six episodes. And probably more, because Our Zoo smelt like a hit and hits tend to get a second series.

It was winningly warm, with heaps of charm, lump-in-throat moments and adorable wildlife. Ingleby, usually a supporting player, stepped into the lead role with aplomb: his trenches trauma was touchingly portrayed and his sparkly-eyed idealism about “putting a bit of beauty back into the world” was infectious. The supporting cast – especially Anne Reid as George’s battleaxe mother and Liz White as his loyal wife – were excellent, while Sophia Myles added a dash of Downton-esque class (and potential love interest) as a supportive lady of the manor.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Happy Birthday Faye!!

It's a special day for a special girl today.

Not only is it Faye's Birthday but also the first episode of the show that could potentially launch her TV career and help her become a household name.

Personally I love nothing more than watching Faye perform live but she is a multi talented actress who I'm sure will be equally amazing in the new TV drama 'Our Zoo' as she is on stage.

Although Faye's character 'Frankie' doesn't appear until episode 2, make sure you tune in to BBC1 at 9pm tonight for the start of what I'm sure will be one of the best shows of 2014..

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Faye for keeping me up to date with her career and always finding time to chat at the stage door.

Happy Birthday Faye I hope you have a Shrecktacular day!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New Shrek Trailer Featuring Tour Cast

Check out this AMAZING new Shrek trailer featuring the sensational Faye Brookes and the amazing tour cast. Impossible not to love this show.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

BBC1 Drama 'Our Zoo'

I'm sure by now you've seen the TV adverts for the exciting new BBC1 drama 'Our Zoo' which hits our screens this coming Wednesday, 3rd September at 9pm.

What you may not realise is that this fantastic new show will feature our very own Faye Brookes.

She does actually appear in the trailer but only the very observant will have spotted her in one of the final scenes, dressed in a camel coat and a beret.

Faye will join an all star cast and have a recurring role in the show playing Frances Arber, better known as Frankie.

Just in case you've been living under a rock and have no idea what I'm talking about, here is a brief synopsis:

OUR ZOO is based on the inspiring real story of the Mottershead family who established Chester Zoo in the 1930s. With incredible single mindedness, George Mottershead drove himself and his family to realise his ambition to transform a ramshackle house, on the outskirts of Chester, into a unique zoo that would change the way animals are kept for forever.

The drama follows George’s inspiring and challenging journey as he moves his wife, two young daughters and parents - along with a monkey and a parrot - into a draughty old stately home. With a derelict plot of land, mounting debts, no resources or manpower and a concerted campaign from the local villagers to halt George's plans entirely. It’s a race against time for the Mottersheads to build and open their zoo before the harsh winter sets in or the bailiffs arrive.

The link below will take you to a 31 PAGE PDF report detailing every part of the show, from the story and cast, to the history of Chester zoo.


Towards the bottom of that report it gives the cast for each individual episode and it appears Faye's character 'Frankie' first appears in episode 2. The good news is, her part in the show grows with the story and as you'll see she's in every subsequent episode.

I'm hoping to ask Faye some questions about what it was like filming her first major TV role very soon so watch this space.

For now, check out the trailer below and don't forget to tune in to BBC1 on Wednesday 3rd September (FAYE'S BIRTHDAY) at 9pm. You'd be mad to miss it, looks to me like it's going to be one of the best shows of 2014.

Friday, 29 August 2014

New Shrek TV Advert

Want to see a video featuring the beautiful Faye Brookes?

Well, you're in luck. The Shrek team have released their TV advert for their run at Nottingham's Theatre Royal and it now features Faye and the amazing tour cast.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Faye's Radio Bristol Interview

As mentioned this morning, Faye today visited the radio Bristol studios for an interview with Laura Rawlings.

Fans were able to tweet their questions for Faye and I was lucky enough to have mine asked on the show.

She talks about her career so far, the amazing Shrek tour, her blossoming relationship with Gareth Gates and her role in the brand new BBC1 drama 'Our Zoo'.

Here is the interview in full: